Race day information

There are 3 races throughout the day. The first race begins at 10 am, the second race starts at noon, and the last race starts at 2 pm. 

On race day, you should arrive 45 minutes before your race, and you will be sent an email closer to the day on your race start time. This is to allow time for you to collect your race pack and get ready.

Inside the building, there are changing rooms and showers/toilets for you to get ready.

Once you are prepared, head over to the bike racks and prepare your bike for the race.

You will then make your way to the start line, where you will be given a rundown of the rules and the layout of the race. 

After you have completed your race, please make your way to the bike racks and collect your bike to be taken away to make room for the next event.  

Winners of the event will be contacted and sent their prizes.

Race day track layout

5km run red line/ blue and red arrows: 1 lap around cycle track, then enter the grass section to complete 2 laps. after the 2 laps, leave the grass to the outside of the cycle track to transition into cycling.

20km cycle blue line: 12 laps of cycling from transition exit to entrance to complete final run.

2.5km black arrows/black and red arrows: run outside of the cycle track (the opposite way you came from the 5km run) to enter the grass circuit, which consists of 2 laps, then exit the grass section to the finish line.

Start/Finish and transition areas 


Brownlee Duathlon-2 3.jpg